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We take pride in Lombardo, Spradley, and Klein, CPAs’ role in providing a full suite of accountant services in Daytona Beach and its surrounding counties. Below are some of the essential CPA services that we offer to clients. However, this list is not exhaustive, and we are always glad to speak with individuals and companies about how our firm may assist them with any finance or business matters.
Individual, Corporate, And Partnership Tax Preparation & Planning

Individual, Corporate, and Partnership Tax Preparation & Planning

We provide tax preparation and planning services, including personal and business returns at the federal and state level.

For individuals and families, we help you identify all your relevant tax information so that we can help you take advantage of all available tax deductions and credits. We prepare all necessary supplements for your individual tax returns including Schedule K-1 from a disregarded entity interest such as an LLC or partnership. We also prepare tax returns for corporate clients and assist in their planning efforts to minimize their tax liability to reduce the risk of an audit from the IRS.

Estate and Trust Accounting & Tax Preparation

Some of our clients require assistance in accounting and tax preparation for federal estate or gift taxes after the death of a loved one. We also help our clients with trusts and determining who act as trustees when it comes to filing tax returns or providing other standard accounting needs.
Estate And Trust Accounting & Tax Preparation

Audits and Other Financial Statement Reviews

An audit is an important process for checking the accuracy and legitimacy of an organization’s finances. Clients encourage us to perform all aspects of an audit or other financial review to meet a wide range of needs (e.g., acquisition due diligence, standard checks, etc.). We understand the reasons behind an audit may vary and can customize our financial statement review to fit our client’s objectives.

Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting

In addition to business and personal accounting, we also offer our services to government institutions and nonprofit organizations. These groups are subject to different standards and rules of accounting and our clients benefit from our expertise in both fields.
Business And Management Consulting ​

Business and Management Consulting

Our business and management consulting services refer to our commitment to helping clients beyond the number crunching and accounting work. We are always accessible to clients who want our perspective and guidance when it comes to understanding those numbers to make informed and strategic business decisions.

Accounting Software Setup and Support

We lend our technical and industry knowledge to help clients with their use of accounting software, which includes initial setup and continued support when questions arise. Our goal with this service is to establish a solid framework for the long-term success of our clients who want to keep their own books.
Accounting And Bookkeeping Services

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

A necessity for our small business clients who rely on our reliable accounting and bookkeeping services is to have current and accurate information about the financial status of their company on hand. Hiring a CPA firm to handle the bookkeeping needs of a company may provide benefits of objectivity and reduced costs compared to building an inhouse department.

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LSKCPAS is a local, woman-owned business with over 30 years of practice providing honest, by-the-book, dependable accounting services throughout Daytona Beach. The skillsets of our founding partners and experienced staff are what allow us to help the people and businesses of Florida with all their accounting and tax needs.

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