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At Lombardo, Spradley, & Klein, CPAs, we leverage the information from our preparation of essential accounting and tax documents to give clients key insights into the current state of their companies. Our business consulting and business management services play a major role in our ability to help clients continue the financial success of their businesses in Daytona Beach.

The scope of our business consulting services always reflects the needs of the client. They can include the fine-tuning of fundamental business operations and practices that occur daily. Likewise, our consulting services extend to more unique, yet critical, business events such as acquisitions or sales. Below are some of our standard business consulting services that we employ to improve a company’s efficiency and profitability.

Cash Management

The short and long-term success of a company is always connected to its cash management practices. Does your business consistently have enough cash on hand to meet its ordinary business obligations, or do you find yourself scrambling to make timely payments and meet payroll? Our cash management consulting seeks to review your business plan, revenue, and expenses to give clients peace of mind over their cash flow.

Small Business Management

We use our familiarity with your company’s finances and other industry knowledge to provide input on a wide range of small business management matters. This may include analysis of important decisions you will face as a business owner such as:

  • Major capital expenses
  • Hiring decisions
  • Entity selection and tax planning
  • Price and cost analysis
  • Small business loans

Compensation Plan Evaluations

We help business owners evaluate the compensation plans for themselves and their employees with an eye towards their company’s financial health, growth, and other factors (e.g., taxes).

Growth Planning

Our business consulting services include careful analysis and guidance over important growth phases of a company.

  • Establishing a new line of product
  • Opening another location
  • Exploring franchise opportunities

Business succession planning

Measuring Business Performance

We take business data that best reflects the strengths and weaknesses of your company so that you have a firm sense of your company’s current performance. Knowing where you currently are is the first step to taking your business to the next level.

Purchasing or Selling a Business

We advise our clients on the financial aspects of a business purchase or sale. We understand that these events can carry a lot of emotion because they often represent a client’s passion and livelihood. We do our best to provide objectivity and reassurance, so our clients can make informed business decisions.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Emergencies happen. Our business consulting can incorporate disaster recovery planning such as reviewing insurance needs and creating contingency scenarios to prepare our clients and carry them through worst-case scenarios.

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Knowing your company’s finances is only half of the equation. What you do with that financial information is what will set your business up for long-term growth and success. Our business consulting and business management services are meant to bridge that gap to help companies take positive action based on their current finances.

With over 30 years of practice providing honest, by-the-book, dependable accounting services, the CPAs at LSKCPAS are happy to help the many businesses that make up our Daytona Beach community.

Contact Lombardo, Spradley, and Klein, CPAs today about our business consulting and business management services.

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