Estate and Trust Planning

Get estate and trust planning services from certified public accountants headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Our clients work hard to build and sustain generational wealth for their loved ones, heirs, and other beneficiaries. We guide our Daytona Beach area clients on the tax and accounting needs of their estate and trust planning. We work together with your attorneys and other advisors to navigate complex tax laws and ensure that asset transfers follow your intent while minimizing tax obligations where possible.

Probate and Estate Accounting and Tax Returns

After the passing of a loved one, accounting and tax services may be necessary to provide accurate reporting of the deceased’s assets and liabilities. Personal representatives of an estate must generally produce a probate accounting of a decedent before making any distributions to heirs or creditors of the estate.

Additionally, some clients may have federal estate tax exposure if the estate’s value exceeds applicable exemption amounts. Estate taxes at the state level may also be an issue for property located in certain states. We understand this can be an emotional and difficult time for clients and their families. We hope to carry some of that burden and give clients peace of mind about the tax and accounting of their probate estate.

Trust and Gift Accounting and Tax Return Services

During their lifetime, many of our clients participate in estate and trust planning to manage and protect their assets and wealth. We help clients with their annual reporting of trust principal and income accounting. We also prepare associated trust tax returns for clients at the state and federal levels.

Gifting is another common technique that wealthy individuals and families use to lower the value of their estate and reduce tax liability at death. We offer gift accounting and reporting for the filing of gift tax returns and tracking available lifetime exemptions for our clients.

Business Succession Planning

Some of the assets within our clients’ trusts and estates include ownership interests in closely held businesses that may serve as a family’s primary source of wealth. We assist legal teams and other advisors in the accounting and tax aspects of business transfers to other family members or key employees to protect client interests and intent. Our goal in business succession planning is to execute the wishes of business owners while guiding them on related issues that will directly impact the future well-being of the organization (and the livelihood of its beneficiaries).

Know More About Our Estate and Trust Planning Services in Daytona Beach

We offer our tax and accounting services related to the trusts and estates of our clients to help them protect their wealth, relieve grieving families from the administrative burden of probate accounting, and comply with any tax obligations that may exist.

Lombardo, Spradley & Klein, CPAs is a local, woman-owned business with over 30 years of experience. We rely on that rich history to provide honest, by-the-book, dependable accounting services to bring affordable government and nonprofit accounting services to the Daytona Beach community.

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