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Our firm greatly respects the public services that the government and nonprofit entities around Daytona Beach provide our community. We value the opportunity to play a role in their successful financial operations through a comprehensive offering of auditing and accounting services for nonprofits and government entities. Whether our engagement is performing an audit, preparing financials, or helping with compliance items, the experience of our accountants and staff will shine in helping your public institutions with their accounting needs.

Government Accounting Services for Daytona Beach Institutions

We have experience and knowledge aiding small and mid-sized governmental bodies alike. This may include entities such as:

  • Cities
  • Municipalities
  • Counties
  • Special districts (e.g., firefighting stations, law enforcement, schools, parks, etc.)
  • Other local government agencies

We understand the unique positions of government bodies and how that relates to distinctions in auditing and accounting standards compared to private entities (i.e., governmental auditing standards or yellow book audits). Some of the key government accounting services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial statement audits
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Comprehensive annual financial reports (CAFRs)
  • Budget consulting
  • Account Reconciliations
  • Fixed asset accounting
  • Accounting software support

We know how important accurate financial reporting such as CAFRs and audits are for a government body when it comes to mitigating risk, building trust amongst constituents, and performing other mandates of public office. For example, the benefit of meeting CAFR compliance standards for purposes of raising money through bonds or receiving federal funds.

Nonprofit Accounting Services in Daytona Beach

Where overlap exists with government entities, we provide the same accounting services to our nonprofit clients (e.g., audits, budget consulting, and preparation of financial statements). However, we realize that the compliance needs for nonprofits can depart from government institutions. Specifically, helping nonprofits maintain their tax-exempt status with state and federal regulatory bodies like the IRS and the department of revenue.

We also regularly assist nonprofit clients who receive federal assistance or funding from federal grant programs by conducting single audits required under OMB Circular A-133. We always encourage our nonprofit clients to seek clarification and guidance on issues of compliance with respect to their tax-exempt status and sources of funding.

A Cost-Effective Approach for Outsourcing Government Accounting Needs

We are always conscious of the budgetary constraints that many government agencies and nonprofit groups face while fulfilling missions of high-quality public service. We work hard to make ourselves available as a cost-effective and reasonable solution to public institutions without internal accounting support.

Contact Us About Our Government and Nonprofit Accounting Services

The nonprofits and governments bodies of Daytona Beach are so important for keeping our community safe and well-maintained. We are proud to call them clients and play a humble role in their success through our support of key accounting services.

LSKCPAS is a local, woman-owned business with over 30 years of experience. We rely on that rich history to provide honest, by-the-book, dependable accounting services to bring affordable government and nonprofit accounting services to the Daytona Beach community.

Contact Lombardo, Spradley, and Klein, CPAs today for government and nonprofit accounting services in Daytona Beach.

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