Tax Preparation

As CPAs, one of our flagship services is handling federal and state tax preparation and tax planning for our wonderful clients in Daytona Beach. With all tax preparation for our clients, our goals are twofold. First, we aim to take advantage of all available tax deductions and credits to minimize tax liability. Second, we work hard to highlight and correct potential issues to reduce the risk of audit from the IRS or Florida Department of Revenue. Read below for more on our tax preparation and tax planning services.

Individual Tax Services

We value the trust that clients place in LSKCPAS to handle their sensitive personal financial information with care and the highest level of professionalism. Prior to April 15th or other tax filing deadlines, we lay the foundation to accurately reflect our client’s obligations as taxpayers on their returns.

We start with accumulating all our clients’ relevant tax forms and other financial information such as:

  • W-2’s
  • 1099’s for self-employed individuals
  • K-1’s for Partnership and LLC business income

We then help our clients review and identify any important expenses or status changes that may relate to an applicable tax deduction or tax credit.

  • Medical expenses
  • Mortgage interest
  • Local government taxes
  • Charitable contributions
  • Dependent information

We take all this data to prepare individual tax returns and determine any outstanding tax payments or the need to claim a tax refund. Our firm also handles ancillary tax filings related to our clients’ individual tax returns such as filing extensions, amended returns, estimated tax payments, etc.

Corporate Tax Services

Our firm employs many of the same procedures for individual tax returns to our business clients to ensure their corporate tax returns comply with necessary IRS and Florida Department of Revenue requirements. Again, we communicate closely with our clients to identify all potential sources of deductions and credits to reduce tax liability where possible and lower the risk of audit or penalty.

Tax Planning

Throughout the year, we welcome opportunities to discuss tax planning techniques that may benefit our clients’ finances and life goals by reducing tax obligations. The tax planning strategies available will always depend on the client’s specific financial information. Some key considerations that we may be able to have input towards include:

  • Contributions to tax-advantaged retirement and investment accounts (e.g., 401ks, IRAs, 529 plans, HSAs, etc.)
  • Choosing between Roth or traditional retirement accounts
  • Consequences of other taxable events like selling a house or getting married

Contact Us About Our Tax Services in Daytona Beach

Navigating personal or corporate taxes each year can be a confusing process for even the most knowledgeable and prepared taxpayer. Our goal is to make that process simpler, more efficient, and better for our clients’ overall finances, where possible. We rely on our 30 years of practice providing honest, by-the-book, dependable accounting services to bring cost-effective tax preparation and planning to the Daytona Beach community.

Contact Lombardo, Spradley, and Klein, CPAs today for help with tax preparation and tax planning.

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